The Team

Designers, thinkers, problem solvers.
Movers, shakers, cabinet makers. 

Who We Are

We are madeWORKSHOP; the creative construction company with a practice deeply rooted in film and live events.

We are uniquely positioned to develop your brief from conception to stunning realisation by taking care to truly understand your needs before applying the right mix of traditional and cutting edge methods.

Out of our 20,000 sq ft premises in East London, we’ve created magic for stage, screen and public spaces.

We’ve supersized ice cream in Shoreditch, spooked shoppers with an animatronic soda dispenser, salvaged speakers for a Sonos amnesty, set the stage for Stormzy on Saturday night TV and conjured up a snowy seasonal market scene for the M&S Christmas ad. And that was just last year.

Selected Clients