Samsung – Galaxy Z Fold

Samsung – Galaxy Z Fold

Client: Samsung
Project: Galaxy Z Fold
Director: Henry Scholfield
P/C: Academy Films
Designer: Mark Connell

Minimalism doesn’t always mean simplistic. Samsung’s showcase of their latest folding phones, needed a massive, complex operation to achieve a smooth and seamless aesthetic.

We created an enormous, wrap-around infinity set, six metres tall, enclosing a pure white stage that spanned 20 metres by 20 metres. At the centre stands a fully custom CNC machined table whose underside needed to be just as beautiful as the top.

To facilitate those wildly creative transitions and camera movements we had to take the whole table, chairs and cast and suspend them in mid-air on a floating clear acrylic floor.

All this to say, a lot of planning, design and deft execution went into making an end result that looks so effortless.